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    Our Bots Connect YOUR Dots

    READI for your Entitlements

    The smartest extension to your IGA investment!

    " I cannot begin to tell you how fast it is to realize value with this platform” - Matt T, Technical Manager
Find out how identity automation with the READI platform made the impossible, possible.
"We were amazed at how quickly we could automate our identity processes with Readibots"
JP Calabio, Chief Information Security Officer, Alorica

Thinking of replacing your IGA?
Adding Readibots can bring your IGA into the modern age 

Don't believe the hype, your relationship with your IGA and ITSM has a long life ahead of it. Add real identity automation with the READI platform, and get the IGA you paid for without ripping and replacing.

Instantly modernize your IGA and ITSM

Getting the automation you need shouldn't require change. Don't rip-and-replace your systems or your processes, just connect and automate without the fuss.

Keep it loose

The READI platform loosely connects to your existing IGA and/or ITSM via REST and other APIs, to allow you to focus on getting things done, not starting expensive and time consuming integration projects. Be connected and automating in hours, not weeks or months.

Goodbye silos

Remove the automation limits of native IGA and ITSM features. Build your own holistic identity automation framework and ensure consistent, repeatable, automation.

Connect to anything

Tired of lacking the connection you need? The READI platform can connect to anything without additional cost, allowing you to make automation ubiquitous.

Like your process? Keep it!

Automate your process, don't change it. Take what you have and make it repeatable, reliable, and secure in no time. Becoming productive shouldn't start with making it worse.

READI for any architecture

The READI platform automates across any architectural boundaries, including on-premise, cloud first, multi-cloud, or any combination of these.


Your low-code robotic workforce is READI

Accelerate identity change fulfillment. Eliminate the wait for a productive and secure workforce.

READI for your command

An entire army of pre-made TaskBots READI to serve as the foundation for your identity automation framework. Issue your command and watch them get it done.

Ditch the compiler

Leave the Java in your coffee cup. Rapidly modify or create your own bots with just a few lines of PowerShell code. No Java or C expertise required.

One bot. So many uses

Write a single TaskBot and use it to support all your automation needs, including autonomous automation, interactive IT and help-desk tools, and end-user self-service helpers. Repeatable success.

UX without the pain

Get rid of the UI code from your automations. No complicated frameworks, excessive and fragile code, or duplicating work for different devices. Let the READI platform dynamically create adaptive UIs that instantly adapt to your changes.

Data at your fingertips

Collect, store, correlate, transform, and analyze data from any system, application, database, and more. DataBots are READI to give the right people the right data. Instantly share your data with business intelligence tools such as Microsoft PowerBI with a single click.

Secure by design.
Secure through use.

Protect your automation code from inception to execution, then let your new robotic workforce make changes in real time to ensure compliance and heighten security.

Close those threat windows

Identity automation from the READI platform ensures that request to completion happens in real time. Close threat windows left open by manual tasks through real-time identity automation.

Get it right the first time

TaskBots get the work done right , the first time and every time. Eliminate the cost and security threats of human error and gain complete insight into what was changed overtime.

Secure those bots

From inception to execution, the READI platform ensures that your bots’ code is secure with RBAC delegation and digital signatures. Secure their execution by delegating access to the right bot, the right data, and the right people.

Privilege without the risk

Privileged access is more than just a credential. Secure your credentials, and use bots to enforce controls around how privileged access is used and the data/systems it can be used against.

Whose script is this?

Worried about the risk from all those random scripts? Use the READI platform to discover the existing scripts you're using for identity automation and rapidly convert them to bots, where they are secure and well governed.

Powerful for today.
READI for tomorrow.

Start building your identity automation framework today and respond to any changes that come your way without fear of risk or additional labor costs.

100% cloud solution

Be up and running in hours with a 100% cloud-based Automation-as-a-Service (AaaS) platform that can automate your cloud-based and on-premise tasks.

Scale without limits

Stop worrying about capacity planning and just automate. Built on the Microsoft Azure platform, the elastic architecture of the READI platform allows you to automate any workload without limits.

Your solution is ready

Take your TaskBots and DataBots and grow them into full web apps to deploy to your staff or customers.

Welcome change!

Need to integrate a new acquisition, integrate with a new partner, or just want to grow? The READI platform allows you to rapidly makes changes and reuse what you've built for repeatable success at any scale of size or complexity.

Come for identity.
Stay for the platform.

Identity is everything, and everything starts with identity. But what about all the things your people use and do? The READI platform is prepared to scale and automate your entire enterprise.

A better service-desk

Empower your service desk with TaskBots that reduce the need for escalations or expensive training. Improve your satisfaction metrics and reduce costs with a robotic service desk.


Your license is served

Get control of your software licensing and realize savings of up to 60%. Use TaskBots to ensure your people always have the right license for their current needs, and identify those that aren’t being used that you can reclaim.


Trust but verify

Use DataBots to collect and analyze data, and to give auditors and cybersecurity professionals the transparency they need to prove compliance. Using the same DataBots, IT operators can be notified of out-of-band changes to configuration before problems arise.

Your data is under control

Securing the 80% of unstructured data in your organization is a huge task. With the READI platform, when people change roles, bots can automatically take action to ensure that data is secured. Don’t wait for a massive cleanup; put TaskBots to work to keep your data in order.

Control those resources

Cloud resources can rack up enormous expenses if left unchecked. Use the READI platform to monitor, alert, and even automatically control resource usage. Turn off those VMs that got left on before they run up huge bills.

  • "They are wonderful to work with. Fantastic support for a great product"
    Jean Patrice

  • "Readibots fully automates the O365 / AD Best Practices for on boarding and off boarding of users."
    Jason S.

  • "No other software that we have reviewed has provided the features along with the ease of use that the READI platform provides."
    Anthony C.

  • "I would recommend READI to any organization looking to modernize the IT services they provide."
    Jessy K.

  • "If you work in the IGA industry, you understand how clients can get bogged down with edge cases, but finally a platform (READI) has come along that alleviates all the stress related to these edge cases."
    Matt T.


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