About Us

Readibots is an Identity Automation Ecosystem. Our vision is to provide a platform for every identity access point across the organization whether it is Identity Management, Security, Operations, Tenant Management or Licensing; Readibots provides visibility and accessibility for the appropriate teams to fully understand the Identity’s footprint. The READI Platform enables the industry’s fastest implementation of identity solutions by eliminating the need for specialized skills.

Readibots automation ecosystem paves the way for unmatched efficiency, agility, and scalability.


Automation is achieved rapidly by using prebuilt Bots and the vast PowerShell community. Our approach ensures familiarity and support from the community, putting the power of automation in the hands of IT professionals. With our efficient processes, automation can be implemented within a remarkable timeframe of 30-60 days.


The READI  Platform enables the creation and accessibility of fully governed Bots for the entire team. These Bots are visible and available for the entire team; and can be reused across multiple solutions, promoting efficiency and scalability.


The READI  Platform is a game changer for all departments in the organization working with identities. IT Operations gain efficiency, Security Operations eliminate risk, Identity teams receive immediate fulfillment, licensing teams are more cost effective, and the list goes on. Readibots can create efficiency across the organization when working with Identities.
“No other software that we have reviewed has provided the features along with the ease of use that the READI platform provides.”
Anthony C.
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Who we are

The Readibots team is changing the game of Identity automation across organizations. Our team consist of Senior IT and Identity experts with decades of experience who have been in the trenches with customers implementing siloed point solutions that don’t work well together. We believe there is a better approach by utilizing the skillsets our customers possess and managing the Identity as a whole across all departments. Readibots has created a solution to bridge the gaps in SIEM, SOAR, IAM, IGA, and ITSM systems by providing automation where they fall short. With Readibots, all your systems, data, and processes seamlessly connect, enabling fully automated identity operations.

At Readibots, we foster a unique work culture where positivity thrives, and everyone's contributions are valued and respected. We believe in creating an environment where every individual feels welcome and empowered to make a difference. Inclusivity is not just a buzzword for us; it's the driving force behind our success and fuels our collective growth.

Our expertise speaks for itself. We've witnessed what works and what doesn't, leading us to create a platform that every IT organization needs.

Core Values


Our commitment to innovation fuels our journey towards a future of limitless potential, where automation propels organizations to unprecedented heights of success. We embrace a culture of continuous improvement and pushing the boundaries of automation.


The beating heart of our Readibots team. Our collective passion fuels our commitment to excellence in providing revolutionary automation to our customers allowing them to innovate in their own organizations.


At Readibots, we place our customers at the heart of everything we do. This drives us to go the extra mile, exceed expectations, and create remarkable experiences. We believe in truly understanding your needs, challenges, and aspirations, and we tailor our innovative automation solutions to suit your unique requirements.

Executive Team

Kevin Foisy

 Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Kevin Foisy is a 30-year software veteran as a product visionary, designer, and entrepreneur. Kevin has a long history of startup success; previously a founder of, Stealthbits Technologies. Kevin has been the driving force behind over a dozen IT management products and technologies.

Charlie Pulfer

Chief Marketing Officer
Charlie is responsible for product marketing, content creation, analyst relations and online marketing strategies at Readibots. Prior to joining Readibots, Charlie was co-founder and VP of Marketing at TITUS Inc, an information security company acquired by Blackstone.

Stephen Biro

Chief Customer Officer
Stephen brings nearly 30 years of solution architecture experience with a strong focus on systems integration and automation. Stephen has a proven track record in delivering customer success to large organizations across diverse industries including government, defense, manufacturing, financial, and health.

Justin Taylor

VP Product Management
Justin is a pioneer and visionary in the automation and IAM space, with over 20 years of experience. Justin's experience ranges from serving as Chief Strategist for Identity at Novell, to managing an identity practice for an SI, and working as a Sr. Director, Analyst for Gartner covering IAM, PAM and authentication.

Rich Heidal

VP Sales
Rich Heidal is a seasoned sales management professional with over 10 years of experience. His expertise lies in developing and implementing comprehensive long-term and short-term sales strategies. Rich brings a wealth of knowledge and valuable insights to the Readibots team. His proven track record and deep understanding of the sales landscape make him an invaluable asset in driving success and achieving sales goals.

Stacy Miller

Chief Operating Officer
Stacy works behind the scenes at Readibots to define and monitor company operations. Stacy has worked with emerging technologies throughout her career in many capacities in sales, delivery, product, and development. Her experience and breadth of knowledge is helping Readibots to rapidly grow as a company. Stacy has been in the Identity space for over 15 years holding various roles at SailPoint, Auth0 and Okta.

Bob Daly

Chief Financial Officer
Bob is a CPA, CA with more than 30 years of post-qualification experience. As Chief Financial Officer for many technology companies including Sidense Corp., Klocwork Corp., and Espial Group Inc., he has successfully raised capital in both the public and private markets and managed several successful divestitures. He has also held senior finance positions with Cognos Inc. and JDS Uniphase Corporation.

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