Business Logic Matters for Identity Management in the Enterprise

business logic

While most IGAs won't admit it, we see it every day... IGAs fundamentally do not believe that *your* business logic matters. Every organization is unique, and every organization has, for better or worse, their own way of doing things when it comes to provisioning, managing and deprovisioning identities. In other words, the organization's business logic matters. IGAs are built on a rigid set of inflexible concepts like schema mappings and connectors.  This requires organizations to adjust or alter their own established process and adjust to the needs of the IGA and how the particular IGA functions.

So, if IGAs are too rigid to handle the complexity of modern processes, what’s the answer?

In order to provide true automated Identity Management, the solution should:
  • work with any data source and schema
  • allow for organization specific rules and processes
  • not be limited to predefined connectors
  • work on-prem as easily as in the cloud
  • handle any identity task no matter how minute
  • remove work from staff, not add to it
  • be expandable in an industry standard way

Enter Readibots. With Readibots there are no such limitations. Readibots embraces “business logic matters”in the Enterprise. The READI platform does not prescribe how identity management should be configured or fulfilled, the Readibots platform molds itself to the organization's specific requirements, regardless of how complex or detailed. It even takes this a step further by supporting full co-existence with an established IGA.  This makes it possible for the IGA to do what it does best and then simply hand off the detailed work to a bot in Readibots.

How does Readibots do this? By putting full bot control into the hands of the customer as a fully open platform.

  • All bots in the platform are open source.
  • All bots can be multi-modal: fully automated (lights out), on-demand (user interactive), integrated (REST endpoint)
  • All identity management bots are PowerShell based, providing thousands of ready-made bots from a large community
  • All bots are hybrid by nature (run in the cloud or on-prem with no additional infrastructure)

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If business logic matters for Identity Management in your organization, sign-up for your own Readibots tenant in minutes and support true IGA automation immediately.

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