Finding Hidden Threats: How Ticket Overload Is Holding SOCs Back and How Readibots Can Turn Things Around

finding hidden threats
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Hey there! If you're a CISO, you know that your Security Operations Center (SOC) deals with a crazy number of threats every day. During my time at Innovate, CISO conference in Nashville, I heard a lot of talk about this and how big a problem it is. We're talking about billions of events each month, and even with automation, there are still thousands of tickets to deal with. The problem? Most of these tickets are just noise, and the real threats can easily get lost in the shuffle. In this blog post, we're going to dive into the challenges SOC teams face when dealing with manual tickets, why traditional automation tools haven't nailed this problem, and how Readibots can make a real difference in finding and fixing those pesky hidden threats.

  1. Human Limitation in Ticket Processing: What Gives? Teams have a tough time dealing with thousands of manual tickets. They can spend hours, if not days, figuring out which ones are legit threats and which ones aren't. This not only wears analysts out but also means critical risks might get missed. And when crucial issues are stuck in a backlog, things can go south pretty fast for your organization's security.
  2. Signal-to-Noise Problem: Let's Get Real So, what can we do to fix this? We need to find a way to separate the real threats (the signal) from the fake ones (the noise). That's where advanced tech like Readibots comes in. By using smart automated user-engaging playbooks, Readibots can help SOC teams zero in on what actually matters, so they can tackle the real threats head-on.
  3. Traditional Automation: Why Hasn't It Worked? You might be wondering why automation tools haven't solved this problem yet. The issue is that these tools are usually stuck in their own little worlds. SOAR tech is in the SOC, process automators hang out with the business side of things, and IT automation is typically with the service desk. None of these groups actually fix security tickets, so we're stuck with the same problem, just with more tech piled on top.
  4. Meet Readibots: Your SOC's new best friend Readibots changes the game by giving operational teams—the people who actually fix these problems—the automation tools they need. With the READI platform, these teams can set up their tooling, which means everyone can work together to fight threats more efficiently. Plus, Readibots has this cool interactive verification and attestation tech that lets end users verify threats, and in many cases, call them out as false positives.
  5. Fixing Problems on the Spot: no more waiting around with Readibots, issues like account lockouts can be fixed right away, any time of day with self-service. That means end users can get back to work ASAP, with minimal frustration and downtime.
  6. A Better Life for Engineers: happier, more efficient people. By using advanced tech like Readibots, engineers can enjoy a much better work-life balance. When they don't have to deal with a never-ending stream of manual tickets, they're less stressed, more satisfied with their jobs, and more likely to stick around. That's a win-win for everyone, from engineers to CISOs, and it helps keep your organization safe and sound.

To make your SOC more efficient and effective, we need to deal with the whole manual ticket processing headache and find those hidden threats. Readibots is a game-changer, breaking down the barriers between automation tools and making life way easier for the operational teams that handle the real problems. If CISOs stay in the loop and keep exploring innovative solutions like Readibots, they can lead their organizations to a safer, more secure future while improving the efficiency and job satisfaction of their SOC teams.

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