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READI Group Manager

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READI Group Manager
Is Group Management an Impossible Task?

Managing rights through Groups simplifies direct permissions assignments. Unfortunately, the exponential growth in the number of groups compared to users introduces many challenges.

READI Group Manager

Provides sophisticated user-friendly management and synchronization of groups governed by intuitive customizable policies

Team members excluded from communications

Group Synchronization

Privileges not adhering to policies

Rogue Administration Detection

No synchronization between environments / applications

Enterprise Synchronization

Delays in group creation and group membership


Inability to automatically create groups

Dynamic Creation

Dynamic Group Membership

Dynamically create and maintain group membership according to your policies and identity metadata.

Dynamic Group Membership
Create Distribution Lists by Project

Create Distribution Lists by Project

Create, maintain, and delete groups dynamically with policies using directory metadata and incorporating external metadata into your policies.

Enforce and Monitor Rogue Administration

Identify and automatically correct rogue administration of group memberships reducing the security threat.

Enforce and Monitor Rogue Administration
Why READI Group Manager?

Address dynamic group management and lay the foundation for a comprehensive identity automation strategy.

Key benefits

Synchronizations Across Environments

Simplify the complex task of managing user groups across platforms, organizations, partitioned environments.

Dynamic Group Policies

Create dynamic groups based on customizable policies and ensure group memberships are always kept up to date.

Easy Intuitive Interface

Deploy and start benefiting from the solution in under an hour, even in complex use cases.

Granular Delegation of Administrative Functions

Control management of groups and access sensitive information crucial for maintaining security and operational integrity.

Streamlines Service Desk Requests

Automate updates to group memberships directly through the service desk accelerating response times, improving efficiency and user satisfaction.

Enhanced Compliance with Detailed Audit Trails

Audit trail for each user and group, with clear visibility into how and when access changes occur bolstering compliance and security.

Rogue Administration Detection

Proactively monitor for unauthorized group changes, alerting on rogue administration ensuring quick identification and remediation of out-of-band modifications.

Group Manager Solution

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