Readibots: Rekindling the Lost Romance of IAM

Loving IAM

Hello there, I'm the Chief Cupid Officer at Readibots, here to take you on a romantic journey through the world of Identity and Access Management (IAM). Just like in any epic love story, our tale has its twists and turns, but fear not, it ends with reignited passion!

The Honeymoon Phase with IAM

Once upon a time, in the digital kingdom, we all fell madly in love with IAM. It was the perfect partner: charming, helpful, and making life easier. We were smitten, spending our days dreaming of endless possibilities and seamless security. It was a match made in tech heaven.

The Marriage Hits a Rough Patch

But as in many marriages, life threw us a curveball. The Enron scandal and its aftermath brought in a new era of compliance and governance. Our beloved IAM, once the symbol of freedom and efficiency, began to feel like a tedious chore and morphed into Identity Governance. The sparkle faded, and the relationship with IAM and IGA felt more like a ball and chain than a joyful union.

Readibots (aka Cupid) Arrow Strikes Again

Just when we thought the romance was gone for good, Readibots entered the scene, like a relationship guru armed with Cupid's arrow. We looked at the world of IAM and said, “Let’s rekindle this love” With Identity Automation.  We were not here to add to the pile of mundane tasks; we were here to sweep them away.

Organizations Without IAM Love

For those who hadn’t experienced the joys of IAM and only experienced the challenges, Readibots identity automation was like a first love – exciting, new, and full of possibilities. We made the daunting joiner-mover-leaver process a dance of joy, automating them with a grace that would make even Cupid envious.

Breathing New Life into IGA Relationships

And for those in the midst of a strained relationship with IGA, we brought a fresh perspective. We didn’t just patch things up; we transformed the relationship. By connecting systems and automating the manual workloads, we turned the tedious into the terrific.


As your Chief Cupid Officer, I invite you to fall in love with IAM all over again. With Readibots Identity Automation, the romance is not only back; it’s better than ever. This Valentine's Day, celebrate a renewed passion for digital security and efficiency, proving that true love can indeed be rekindled, even in the world of technology.

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