IGA Connectors Suck


Most orgs have less than 10 systems with complete identity lifecycle automation via their IGA. The rest get managed through tickets in their ITSM. I talked with one org recently that had over 200 applications! With 10 automated, that’s only 5% of their org automated.

What’s going on? Why aren’t the other systems integrated?

The short answer is cost. IGA Connectors are either free (do almost nothing) or expensive; very expensive. Most are extremely limited. They are black box afterthoughts. Most only gather data and automate nothing. Connectors suck.

Some orgs turn to in-house solutions - PowerShell scripting can be an alternative low-cost solution. With a few days of effort, a consultant or internal developer can build a script to link a system. This can be seen as a win, avoiding the high costs of vendor-built connectors, getting the custom functions that are needed, and saving the org a lot of manual processing.

Are you dropping the ball before the end-zone?

So much cost and effort to get that IGA deployed and now you’re either not finishing the job or you’re turning to PowerShell to get the job finished. One leads to costly manual labor, both lead to security and governance problems!

Let’s look at PowerShell. It’s the language of IT. It has matured over the last decade into a very competent way of managing systems, accounts, and everything else IT. Many orgs turn to PowerShell to help close the gaps. It can be a bit intimidating at first, but most admins become competent quickly. A large community of contributors and an abundance of vendor-built modules make it relatively easy to build automations for many systems on your network and cloud! Bottom line, PowerShell can get the job done at a low cost.

So, what’s the problem?

We need to revisit why you brought in an IGA in the first place? For most, the leading driver is governance and security. Ensuring that your peeps get just the access they need, no more, and that it gets pulled at the right time. IGA delivers the access controls, policies, and entitlements that can be reviewed, audited, certified. Considered a must in most orgs, it’s the heart of user access management.

These driving requirements are in direct conflict with the realities of using native PowerShell to automate the last mile of IGA. PowerShell is unmanaged, ungoverned, and grossly lacking security controls. Like most scripting environments, it is operating in an ungoverned privileged context. It is a high-risk path that will ensure a failed security audit. In fact, it is one of the leading reasons that people seek our help.

In a recent LinkedIn survey, we found that 54% of the PowerShell community respondents reported that Security and Governance was the number one limitation with PowerShell.

Finding a Better Way…

Far too many orgs are in the same boat. Tons of money spent, still only a fraction of their systems automated. There must be a better way! Our IGA experts agreed – there is a better way! With decades of experience in “what not to do”, it was time for reboot.

Black-box connectors suck.

The way the industry does it is rooted in decades old thinking. So, what if you could have the low-cost, automate anything benefits of PowerShell but made simple, and in a governed, secure ecosystem, that made it exceedingly easy to connect the remaining systems to your IGA. What if you could finish the IGA initiative and remain low-cost? Would it be possible to realize the vision of a fully automated IGA? Pinch yourself ... you might be dreaming.

The READI Platform – the expert’s answer to the problem

The reboot finished and something came to life. With the motto, “our bots connect your dots”, our team solved the problem. Years of late nights, weekends, and caffeine addiction, but it’s here. The READI Platform is born.

Goodbye connectors – hello Identity Automation!

A cloud-based, zero footprint design - Identity Automation as a Service is here. A slice of the future. An easy to use, low-code IGA connector language based upon the PowerShell that you know. Never get boxed in again. Designed for IT, not end-users - it is exceedingly powerful, READI for your most complex challenges, yet incredibly simple to use. Scaled for the rigorous demands of Fortune 100’s while simple enough for a progressive young company.

It’s never been easier, nor more cost effective to close the gap in your IGA. Create secure automated workflows that extend your IGA, your ITSM and your applications into seamless integrated systems.

Still haven’t taken the plunge into IGA?

If your business has been held back from IGA because your processes or org-structures don’t line up with IGA pre-requisites, then look no further. Join the growing number of companies that have discovered the READI Platform, the onboarding experience that offers immediate relief. Incredibly flexible – no reorg required.

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