June 24, 2024

The Evolution and Importance of Machine-to-Human Communication in Enterprise Automation

Kevin Foisy

CEO and Founder

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Enterprise communication has long served the need for humans to communicate with other humans, whether it was inter-office mail (yes, this dates me), email, or more interactive chat systems like Teams and Slack. as the paradigm is shifting as technology, in particular AI and automation integrate into our workplace. Imagine a world where machines not only assist us but communicate seamlessly with us, enhancing every aspect of our business. This shift is not just necessary; it’s transformative, and it’s happening. Let’s delve into why sophisticated machine-to-human communication is vital, the challenges we face, and how innovative solutions from Readibots are revolutionizing this space.

The Growing Need for Advanced Communication

In the modern enterprise, automation is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. McKinsey reports that the synergy between human intuition and machine precision significantly boosts productivity and decision-making that impact all areas of our business from front-line product and service delivery to back-end operational systems. This blend is essential in environments where timely, accurate communication is critical.

Automation systems handle complex tasks involving sensitive data and dynamic criteria. They remove humans from repetitive or sometimes security-sensitive operations. These systems often need to communicate with people in the organization, but that communication can be a real challenge for automation engineers.

A simple SMS or SendMail has been made trivial by various easily accessible API’s, but what happens when there’s a need to know something about the recipients? For example, you want to copy their managers. Or you want to send an alert to all staff in a given location. That would typically fall into manual communications directed by people privy to the business data necessary to identify the recipients. In some cases, it would be managed by a distribution list, but that introduces a number challenges such as attribute data not available in the email directory, not to mention that distribution lists typically apply only to email and exclude all other channels of communication. The automation engineer is now faced with a problem: they need to start coding all kinds of custom logic and require access to Identity data that may compromise privacy. The technical problem ultimately becomes a business limitation.

Challenges in Machine-to-Human Communication

The traditional tools at our disposal simply aren’t equipped to handle the dynamic and sensitive nature of modern enterprise Identity data. Whether it’s HR records, payroll systems, or Salesforce data, sending targeted messages based on private attributes requires a sophistication that most current solutions lack.

Readibots OnMessage: A Breakthrough Solution

Enter Readibots OnMessage—a revolutionary leap forward in communications. Built on an Identity Automation Platform with a robust directory service that connects to your data stores, OnMessage seamlessly integrates all key information systems. OnMessage can direct incoming enterprise communications based on attributes sourced from many systems, without exposing those attributes to the sender, providing a simple implementation for the automation engineer, while maintaining Identity privacy. A single REST call can invoke a send across one or more channels (Teams, SMS, email, etc) to an audience determined by attributes and relationships without exposing the underlying data. This opens a new chapter in enterprise communications.

Market Trends and Needs

The demand for advanced automation solutions is exploding. Gartner’s concept of hyper-automation—integrating AI, ML, and RPA to automate complex processes end-to-end—is at the forefront. Executives are not just investing in automation to fill gaps; they’re betting on it to transform their operations. Studies indicate that 78% of executives plan to further invest in automation, driven by its potential to amplify productivity and streamline operations. Machine-to-human communications is a missing link in almost every automation strategy and is a requirement to advance these solutions.

Implications of Effective Communication Solutions

Implementing advanced machine-to-human communication systems like Readibots OnMessage carries implications that are less than obvious on the surface. In a world where rich human-to-human communications exists, automation will be handicapped in comparison to their human counterparts. And what is the solution? Are we to expose our most sensitive directories with personal data to every automation engineer? That’s why we created OnMessage. It is our goal to enable human-like automations that surpass their human counterparts with benefits of privacy, security and enhanced operational efficiency. OnMessage enables automation that talk with people, the way people talk with people.

The Benefactors

The ability to leverage sensitive information without ever sharing it, and the ability to facilitate automated enterprise communications without compromising privacy, ensures that an organization achieves modernization while remaining compliant. But it’s more than that. Making enterprise communications simple means that every automation engineer incorporates the most effective communications into business processes leading to efficiency and employee productivity. Employees who receive timely, relevant updates on important matters are better equipped and more engaged.

On the flip side, failing to address these communication challenges can lead to inefficiencies, increased risk exposure, and potential regulatory non-compliance. Organizations that fail to adapt, risk falling behind as the automation landscape evolves.


As we navigate the complexities of modern automation, the importance of effective machine-to-human communication is paramount. Solutions like Readibots OnMessage are not just meeting these needs—they’re redefining what’s possible. By embracing these innovations, we’re not just preparing for the future; we’re shaping it.

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