Multi-tenant governance with the READI Platform

Manage multiple tenants as one.
License Reconciliation


The READI platform makes multiple tenants seem like only one

Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and other Software as a Service (SaaS) products were designed to cater to a one-to-one relationship, meaning a single tenant. However, organizations sometimes end up with multiple tenants due to mergers and acquisitions or a lack of granular controls needed for governance across divisional, geographical, or regulatory boundaries.

Governance across multiple tenants is costly, time-consuming, and inconsistent.

The READI Platform removes cross-tenant barriers.

Multi Tenant Data Input

Make a single change and watch the READI Platform quickly and accurately apply it across tenants and on-premise.

Consistent & Constant Governance 
With Cross-Tenant Automation

Complete Insight Across Tenants

Experience a single-pane-of-glass view of your entire enterprise across all your tenants to understand usage, licensing, security, and compliance profiles. The READI Platform can remediate needed changes with zero effort, zero cost, and 100% accuracy for constant and consistent enforcement of established practices.
Correlate licenses
Validate Microsoft Licenses

License Governance

It has been estimated that organizations with a single tenant may overpay by up to 60% for licenses. This number can be compounded for organizations with multiple tenants. To help manage licensing costs, Readibots offers insight into your licensing and provides the ability to make changes based on usage metrics, role, or other factors used in determining license assignments. With Readibots license governance, you can automate licensing reconciliation and reassignment to ensure that you are always operating at your lowest possible cost.

Consistent Identity Management

Managing employee identities in a single-tenant environment can be challenging, but it becomes exponentially harder when dealing with multiple tenants. This can result in oversights that lead to decreased user productivity and security risks. The READI Platform offers a solution to these challenges by simplifying the management of both standard and complex identity issues across tenants. This includes scenarios such as contractor expirations and attestations. Additionally, Readibots provides the last mile of integration for IGA solutions that are already in place. Whether you need to create, modify, or remove user accounts, or extend an existing IGA solution, Readibots has everything you need to manage identities effectively.
Capture License Information
Multi Tenant Process

Delegate Readibots for X-Tenant Self-Service

Enabling self-service across all your tenants offers significant savings in productivity while reducing service desk support costs. Modern SaaS platforms are managed like silos, creating numerous barriers for admins, security professionals, auditors, and automation. Readibots allows you to treat all your tenants as a single tenant, making it simple to delegate everything from the simplest task to the most complex. End-users don't require standing access or any special training. Readibots guides users through tasks, ensuring they are completed according to policy, each and every time.

Simplify Compliance Activities

Whether an auditor is internal or external, their guidance is invaluable to your organization. The time it takes to collect, normalize, analyze, and report on data can be expensive. Readibots makes the life of an auditor simple by integrating with existing compliance systems. Readibots provides dashboards and information reducing auditor research. If changes are required, Readibots can remediate those changes and start enforcing the new policy changes instantly. We make your audit a mere formality!
Readibots Multi Tenant Reports

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