Keep your identities consistent, secure & READI across tenants

Fastest path for M&A identity integration.
Don't change your tenants, make them manageable.

Proven ROI of the READI platform in your multi-tenant world

Here's what the READI platform saves a 65,000 user enterprise



Completely autonomous automation of service requests


Combination of autonomous and interactive TaskBots across


In a multi-tenant, multi-cloud, hybrid environment

The READI platform makes multiple tenants seem like just one

Platforms like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and other SaaS products were designed for a one-to-one relationship, a single tenant for a single organization. Through M&A activities, or because of the lack of granular controls needed to maintain governance across divisional, geographical, or regulatory boundaries, many businesses wind up with more than one tenant. Those with multiple tenants find that constant governance across them is expensive, time consuming, and inconsistent. The READI platform gives you the ability to take away the cross-tenant barriers that make multi-tenant governance difficult and expensive.

Make a single change and watch Task Bots quickly and accurately apply it across tenants as well as on-premise.

Consistent & Constant Governance 
With 360° Robotic Automation

360° Insight Across Tenants

Experience a true 360° view of your entire enterprise across all your tenants so you know at any time your usage, licensing, security and compliance profile, and much more. once you know, you aren't left to remediate issues on your own. TaskBots can remediate needed changes for you with zero effort and zero cost, with 100% accuracy for constant and consistent enforcement of your established practices.

License governance

Some estimates show that organizations with just a single tenant can be overpaying by as much as 60% for their licenses. we've found that multiple tenants can compound this. Not only will you get 360° insight into your licensing, you will get the ability to remediate any needed changes based on usage metrics, role, or other factors used in determining license assignments. Once you've reached your desired state, our robotic governance will apply automated licensing reconciliation and reassignment to ensure that you are operating at your lowest possible cost.

Consistent identity management

Managing the identities of your employees is difficult enough in a single-tenant. Trying to manage them across multiple tenants is exponentially worse, resulting in oversights that lead to security risks and decreased user productivity. Through the power of Task Bots, managing both standard and complex identity challenges becomes easy across your tenants. Scenarios like contractor expirations and attestations becomes easy. Where an IGA solutions is already deployed, Task Bots complete the last mile of integration. Whether you need the ability to create, modify, and remove user accounts, or extend an existing IGA solution, Task Bots give you everything you need to manage identities.

Delegate TaskBots for X-Tenant

Enabling self-service across all your tenants offers significant savings in productivity while lowering service desk support costs. Modern SaaS platforms are managed like silos, creating numerous barriers for admins, security professionals, auditors, and automations. Cloudbridge allows you to treat all your tenants as a single silo, making it simple to delegate everything from the simplest task, to the most complex. End-users don't need standing access, or any special training. Interactive Task Bots guide your users through a task and ensure they are completed according to policy, each and every time.

360° provide a consistent user experience

Sharing content, requesting access and ensuring a consistent experience across tenants is difficult. Using robotic automation, your users will always have the right data, files, and experience regardless of which tenant they work under. Have different SaaS platforms for one reason or another? No worries, Task Bots are agnostic to platform and can easily move between them without being hindered by the limits of the platforms.

Simplify compliance activities

Whether an auditor is internal or external, their time and service is invaluable to your organization. Time spent having to collect, normalize, analyze, and report on data is expensive. Cloudbridge makes the life of an auditor simple. Delegate auditor tasks and dashboards to have all the information at their fingertips. If there are changes required, Task Bots can be dispatched to remediate those changes and start enforcing the new policy changes instantly. Cloudbridge makes your audit a mere formality!
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