Elevating Workforce Messaging Infrastructure for Modern Business Needs with OnMessage

Multi-channel Communication

Introduction: The Evolving Landscape of Workforce Messaging

In the dynamic corporate world, IT messaging infrastructure plays a pivotal role. It's not just about maintaining communication channels; it's about evolving them to meet the complex needs of modern business that is constantly changing. This evolution involves targeting specific audiences across business units, departments, job functions, reporting structures, etc. It’s also about empowering staff with self-service while complying with privacy regulations. If that isn’t enough, there’s demand to adapt to new communication channels, and to empower applications with the very same advanced communication capabilities. Though we’ve gotten much better at delivering email safely and reliably, technology hasn’t really kept up with the demand and rapid evolution of the business.

The OnMessage Revolution

OnMessage by Readibots stands at the forefront of a transformation. It's not merely a tool; it's a comprehensive solution that redefines the IT workforce messaging landscape.

Targeted Workforce Communication with Precision

OnMessage revolutionizes the way recipients are targeted within complex organizational structures. For instance, it can address messages to specific departments or teams with tailored messages based on business metadata, a capability that aligns with the need for precise communication in sprawling corporate environments, as highlighted in Edelman's report on  workforce communications. It does this without the need for classic distribution lists. Imagine being able to target message delivery based on the data that exists in any of your business applications or directories.

Empowering Self-Service While Ensuring Privacy

OnMessage empowers executives and teams with intuitive self-service tools, balancing ease of use with robust data security. This approach is crucial in an era where privacy regulations are stringent and non-negotiable. For example, OnMessage allows leaders to

  • Leverage corporate metadata from HR, Payroll, Identity, CRM, etc. without exposing sensitive personal data that would be compromised with a directory and static distribution lists.
  • Allows messages to be addressed to audiences in ways that would otherwise be near impossible.
  • At the same time, it changes the game by offering it as self-service using tools that people already know, like Microsoft Outlook.

This makes messaging highly dynamic, addressing business demands and privacy concerns that are increasingly prevalent in  workforce communication, as discussed in the Burrelles report.

Adapting to Contemporary Workforce Communication Channels

With a rising millennial workforce, OnMessage adapts to newer communication channels that resonate with younger employees. This adaptation is vital for engaging a demographic that prefers instant, digital modes of communication, a trend underscored in the LinkedIn article on the evolution of  workforce communication. It also allows for messages to be delivered using channels that are appropriate to the immediacy of the message. For example, urgent timely messages are more appropriately delivered via SMS than email, while others might be better suited to a Microsoft Teams message.

Enabling System-to-Person Communication

One of OnMessage's game-changing features is its ability to enable applications and systems to communicate directly with employees. For instance, automated alerts from business applications, or operational updates from IT can be seamlessly integrated and delivered through OnMessage across multiple channels to exactly the right audience, ensuring timely and relevant communication. Business applications take advantage of these advanced communications capabilities with a single REST call.

Conclusion: A New Chapter in IT Workforce Messaging

OnMessage is more than a messaging tool; it's a strategic asset for modern IT teams. It addresses the multifaceted challenges of today's workforce communication landscape, creating a messaging ecosystem that is not just functional but also strategic, adaptive, and inclusive.

With OnMessage, IT messaging is not just about extending email; it's about empowering the organization to with the next wave of communication capabilities that enable it to be competitive in a rapidly evolving landscape.

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