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OnMessage allows us to deliver messages faster and with greater impact. Our staff are better informed.

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The Next Evolution in
Leadership Communications

Elevate workplace communications with OnMessage. Move beyond single channels of communications like email, SMS and Teams that today operate in silos.
OnMessage wraps your communication channels in a self-service business layer that enables a new generation of business communications.

OnMessage Delivers to the Right Audience at the Right time

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Leverage Business Intelligence

Leverage business data in your communications to reach targeted audiences. Integrate your corporate systems data (HR, IAM, Payroll, Directories, and virtually any business system, cloud or on-prem) to create contextual messages.


Self-Service for Everyone

Empower your leadership with self-service communications. Using familiar tools, your teams will be empowered to communicate with large audiences with laser precision. Your teams will be able to define recipients based on corporate data from your business systems without exposing PII. Send the message to everyone with Jobcode: 1234” or “send to all C-Level managers and their direct reports in this business unit.”


Integrate Business Applications

Allow business applications to leverage OnMessage advanced communcations capabilities with a simple REST call. Applications can send to employees using the same business meta-data without ever exposing the data. Whether it’s communications targeting payroll issues using mail-merge, or reminders about parking passes, your applications now have a powerful voice through OnMessage.


Powerful Enterprise Controls

Enterprise class policy and approval controls ensure that IT operations is equipped to handle every permissions and scenario to ensure self-service delivery with guardrails.


Rise above the Noise with Analytics

Senders are provided powerful message analytics that help refine the communication process for optimal results. Analyze metrics on who’s reading the message, when it’s read, on what device and communication channel (email, SMS, Teams, etc.). Understanding consumption patterns, communication teams can refine the format, message style and delivery times for greatest impact allowing them to rise above the daily noise.


Exponential ROI

OnMessage leverages your communications technologies and wraps a business layer over top that allows users and applications to communicate using business context across multiple channels. OnMessage allows organizations to leverage their communications technologies in new ways that yield massive new return on investment.

OnMessage Solution

Transform Enterprise Communications
Reach every employee with targeted communications on any device
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