The READI™ Platform
The Solutions Framework for IT Operations

Designed by and for IT professionals


The Challenge
Organizations are unique and complex.

Off-the-shelf applications:

- Demand changes to business processes
- Meet only a fraction of your needs
- Require costly customizations

No organization wants to build internally

The Solution
The READI Platform allows organizations to assemble 
processes and applications that meet 
100% of their requirements with a single architecture.

Reusable. Centralized. Governed.  

Automate any process or workflow

The READI Platform’s highly flexible architecture, coupled with native PowerShell support, results in low-cost, easy-to-build, easy-to-maintain automation for IT Operations.

Organizations have the ultimate control and flexibility to build what they need in a language they know. The READI Platform offers rapid low-code development with the power to extend to full-code. 

READI Built and Community Sourced

Pre-built bots are readi to serve as the foundation for your identity driven solutions.

Use automations from the vast PowerShell community or create new automations for your unique needs.

Zero Trust - Delegated Administration

Secure credentials and use bots to enforce controls around how privileged access is used and the data/systems it can be used against. Bots perform specific actions which are tracked and provide an audit trail.
privilege automation

Centralized and Governed

Use the READI platform to discover the existing scripts you're using for identity automation and rapidly convert them to bots where they are secure and well governed.
The READI platform dynamically creates interactive UIs that instantly adapt to your changes. Easily move your existing UI code from automations into a bot.

Platform Services Provided

The READI Platform includes all the services needed including:
Directory Services
Approval Processes
Queues Management
Application Webhooks
Integrated Vault
... Much More

Assembled Applications

The READI Platform provides the flexibility to expand and grow across your organization. Playbooks provide the building blocks to expand beyond its core modules to provide highly flexible automation. Playbooks can grow and combine into a complete web application. 

The READI Platform connects to IT infrastructure regardless of the location or access protocol. No specialized skills required. 

The READI architecture is 
fully governed with audit trails and permissions.  
Every execution captures code, logs and credentials.

Easy-to-use advanced code signing 
guarantees only the intended code runs 
with no backdoor changes.

The power of Microsoft Azure platform with unlimited scalability.  
The READI platform is proven at our Fortune 100 customers. 

100% cloud solution
Be up and running in hours with a 100% cloud-based
Automation-as-a-Service (AaaS) platform that can
automate your cloud-based and on-premise tasks.

Start building your READI framework today and
respond to any changes that come your way without fear of risk or additional labor costs.

Powerful for today
READI for tomorrow 

Our team is readi to understand your unique challenges and
discuss how the READI Platform can help.

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