Reduce MTTR and eliminate threats faster with READI™ remediation

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Recent CISO Scenario:

“We receive over 84 billion alerts per month resulting in over 2000 tickets
with an average of 5 real threats hidden within the noise. “

alerts to tickets
The READI Platform brings true (last mile) remediation to your SOC.

Security Team Benefits

  • Shorten Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR)
  • Minimize the Threat Window
  • Govern and Audit PowerShell Scripts
  • Reduce the Attack Surface
  • Diminish Escalated Privileges
  • Achieve Least Privilege
  • Shift Operations towards Zero Trust

Operational Team Benefits

  • Address Tickets Automatically and Immediately
  • Follow Existing Processes with READI Playbooks
  • Reuse PowerShell Scripts within the READI Platform
  • Energize Team with Focus on Real Challenges
  • Control of Process and Scripts with Operations – DevOps not required
The READI platform brings Security and Operations together for a more comprehensive defense posture.

With the READI platform

Leverage your threat intelligence platforms (SIEM/TIP/SOAR) for their investigative talents, but instead of slow, human-remediated tickets, pass the payload to Readibots and watch READI playbooks remediate incidents in minutes instead of hours. Tickets become audit records instead of backlogged work orders.

IT Operations

Empower Operational Teams

Readibots equips the operations team with easy to create/use playbooks that leverage the READI Platforms distributed automation technology. Central control and governance is maintained while workloads are distributed; the
same model every business runs on.

This leads to highly productive, rapid response playbooks, that are both created and maintained by the people (operations team) who understand the process and have the expertise and the accesses required to resolve any issue. Whether that’s search and destroy operations across tens-of-thousands of mailboxes or wiping an endpoint, delegation to the ops team is a key differentiator that makes for extremely smart and accurate playbooks.

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Delegate to your Ops Teams

Security is an enterprise-wide responsibility. When incidents occur, and remediation is required, it’s the Operation Teams that do the real remediation.

Not every incident can be resolved with lights-out automation. In fact, there’s usually always some amount of manual work that must be done. Using the READI distributed model, IT Admins build their operational tooling on the platform where it can be delegated / invoked automatically through playbooks; or handled manually by IT Admins or Service Desk.

The READI Platform allows the Security Team to provide governance over processes and the Operations Team to engage in playbook creation using the very same automations that they use to manage the environment.

All automation is centrally managed and governed, ensuring secure and maintainable automations that service the entire IT organization.
Distributed Automation
The READI Architecture is build to be flexible
allowing you to connect and remediate in days not months.


Remediate for today

READI for tomorrow

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