Support those people who stand READI for anything

Give your service-desk the power to complete any identity task quickly. No risk or expertise required.

How does your service desk save $3.5M annually?

Here's what the READI platform saves a Fortune 100


Completely autonomous automation of service requests


Combination of autonomous and interactive TaskBots


Time reclaimed for innovation and driving real business value

Make your service desk READI for anything
Automation, tools, and self-service for whatever ITSM you use.

Begin or accelerate your shift-left on the support spectrum and see dramatic reductions in your MTTR and cost per ticket metrics, while experiencing higher measurements on your customer satisfaction statistics, first contact resolution (FCR) and change success rate (CSR).

Give Your Organization Everything Needed to Accelerate Your Service Desk and Free Your People to Drive Value and Innovation

Completely automate repetitive tasks granting your valuable people time to innovate
Delegate interactive Task Bots to empower end user self-service lessening the burden on service desk agents
Grant guided resolution capabilities for anyone to use, using expertly trained Task Bots
Control privileged access use with complete enforcement to ensure compliance and zero risk
Create powerful automated diagnostic tools with guided contextualization of data to speed up triage, diagnosis and resolution of issues
Remove direct system access via delegation of Task Bots to service desk agents and IT experts to implement a Just-in-Time access model
Single pane of glass insight into your entire enterprise including multi-tenant and multi-cloud environments

Reduce End-User Service Requests

Give your end-users robotic assistants to guide them in self-service of requests

Access Requests

Provide users, managers, and others the ability to request access without service desk agents being involved or waiting for needed access.


Give your end-users the capability to request membership to collaborations teams. Decentralize management of Microsoft Teams and others and still keep control.

Email Troubleshooting

Nothings worse than email not working. Instead having to open a new ticket, end-users can use our troubleshooting Task Bot to self-diagnose and fix many issues.

Personal Data Changes

Change in inevitable. Names, dependents, addresses, phone numbers, and many other pieces of information will change. Allow users to manage their own information.

Reporting & Data Access

Service desk tired of escalating tickets to IT to run reports of the business? Define the report and allow anyone you choose to use our Data Bots to get the data for you.

Skill gaps and budget constraints are overcome with assisted self-service capabilities.

Quick & Accurate IT Management & Incident Response

Speed is great. Speed plus accuracy is even better.


Automate the discovery of anything your service desk and IT need to manage. Even automate the formatting, reporting and alerting as changes are discovered.

Change Management

Humans make mistakes. Increase your change success rate, by taking human error out of the equation. Train TasksBots to faithfully execute changes  consistently. 

Cloud Provisioning

Single-tenant, multi-tenant. Single-cloud, multi-cloud. Doesn't matter. Service agents and IT can respond to incidents consistently across boundaries.

Service Management

No need to give direct access to servers to manage services. Start, stop, and configure them from one place, with zero standing-access and 100% control.

JIT Privileged Access

Even in the best of times there will be the need for direct access to systems. Manage the entire flow of access from request, to approval, to automated removal.

Get things done quickly and accurately with zero effort.

Governance, Compliance & Security Requests

Ensure your service desk can keep your enterprise secure and compliant with robotic governance.


Managing the lifecyle of users is one of the most common tasks in IT. Use Task Bots to guide anyone through the steps. Even integrate with your IGA and extend it.

Contractor & Vendors

Due to the high licensing and integration costs, most IGA implementations leave out contractors and vendors. With Cloudbridge give them the save level of service.

Emergency Termination

Relying on normal procedures to remove access in emergencies can result in hours, if not days, of vulnerability. Task Bots allow for instant removal of access when needed.

Password & Credentials

Manage, store, and use credentials with the READI platforms built in PAM capabilities. No need to give your service desk standing privileges.

Legal eDiscovery

Take the service desk and IT completely out of the picture when legal needs to conduct eDiscorvery. Delegate the pre-made Task Bots of inside and outside counsel.

Using the READI platform there are no delays, limits, or risks

Increase in Overall Service Desk Efficiency

Success Story

Kansas State University

Robotic Service Desk Automation to Reduce Ticket Escalation for Student Service-Desk Agents

Within months KU transformed their service desk allowing inexperienced, and transitory student agents, to complete the majority of the tasks that previously required privileged access and extensive expertise to complete. 


With delegated access to expert trained Task Bots to increase FCR


Through the use of autonomous and assistive interactive Task Bots


End-user productivity hours saved each year with lower MTTR
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