Supercharging the Service Desk

In the modern business landscape, IT Operations has evolved from a support role to a catalyst for innovation. However, it faces a growing challenge - the relentless onslaught of operational tickets overwhelming IT personnel [1]. This has left many IT Operations teams feeling like they're drowning, despite the emergence of automation solutions like ServiceNow.

The key issue? These solutions confine automation to a select few ServiceNow engineers, creating an unnecessary bottleneck; and limiting organizations to a specific approach which requires changing processes.

So, how do we redefine this narrative? The answer is as simple as it is transformative: the READI Platform.

Unleashing the Power of Automation with the READI Platform

Readibots is a revolution, not just a platform. It takes the promise of ServiceNow and amplifies it, injecting the power of automation directly into the hands of IT operational teams.


The Scale of the Challenge

Understanding the scale of the issue highlights the true value of Readibots. A mid-sized organization grapples with up to 10,000 tickets per month, a number that is set to increase by 15% annually[2]. This onslaught forces IT teams into a constant loop of repetitive, mundane tasks, with precious little time for anything else.

Breaking Free from Bottlenecks

With ServiceNow's automation capabilities restricted to its engineers, an uncomfortable bottleneck ensues. Tickets take an average of 3 days to resolve, significantly longer than the industry best practice of under 24 hours[3]. The resulting inefficiency leads to longer waiting times and diminished service quality, impacting every area from security to competitive agility.


Readibots: The Game-Changer

The READI Platform is a game-changer. By moving operational automation into the hands of the IT operational team, Readibots eliminates the need for ServiceNow engineers, thus breaking the cycle of inefficiency. This allows IT teams to focus on strategic tasks, driving innovation and growth.

Automation doesn't just save time - it boosts productivity. Automating routine tasks can lead to a productivity increase of up to 40%[4], unleashing a wave of potential that will allow your IT team to contribute significantly to your company's growth and innovation.

IT Operations

Redefining Service Desks with Readibots

Readibots does more than streamline operational tasks; it revolutionizes service desks. Readibots empowers IT teams to create a bespoke service desk portal that executes routine tasks across a myriad of systems and data, from users and groups to mailboxes, servers, and computers.

The beauty of the Readi Platform lies in its unique blend of power and control. It ensures that all actions taken by the service desk staff are within defined parameters, reducing errors and boosting efficiency. Service desk staff are empowered to execute operations, but they can’t “color outside the lines.”

But the real revolution comes with Readibots autonomous ticket management. Tickets are automatically created, remediated, and closed, with zero human intervention. And the cherry on top? Service responses are now instantaneous. This remarkable reduction in response time transforms the end-user experience and is a lifesaver for organizations burdened with excessive ticket volumes.


Supercharging Your Service Desk Investment

Readibots doesn't replace ServiceNow; it supercharges it. By harnessing the full power of automation, Readibots optimizes your IT operations, reducing ticket resolution times, and significantly boosting your operational efficiency.

Automation is the future. As organizations grapple with an ever-increasing avalanche of operational tasks, it is essential to empower those at the front lines of IT operations. The READI platform does precisely that, sparking a paradigm shift in the IT landscape. It's time to supercharge your Service Desk investment and make your IT operations truly READI for the future.

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