The READI Report - Service Desk Automation


Recently, one CISO mentioned they are receiving 84 billion alerts per month which results in over 2000 tickets for their operations team with an average of 5 real threats hidden within the noise.  Using the READI Platform to automate existing playbooks with prebuilt bots to reduce the number of tickets the Operations team must manually process is a huge win for their team. It improves our ability to identify and address real threats by reducing the team’s workload. The READI Platform leverages PowerShell, a language our Operations team is familiar with, means no specialized skills are required. His organization has PowerShell scripts today, but they are difficult to manage. Readibots ability to move those PowerShell scripts into the READI Platform so they are governed and reusable is a huge win. 

Readibots is an Identity Driven Platform which provides automation to Security and Operations teams helping organizations to become more secure by reducing the threat window and allowing Operations to create playbooks which automates their current processes.

Our Readibots team would love to have a conversation about helping your team with identity driven automation.

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