July 16, 2023

You’re Unique – Your IGA Isn’t

Kevin Foisy

CEO and Founder

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There is no denying that Identity Governance and Administration is a complex and real business requirement. If your organization is like most, you have probably researched and/or implemented an Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution.

Unfortunately, many IGA solutions require organizations to compromise business processes; they get reshaped to operate within their software’s boundaries. That usually means that IAM groups have to rework many processes, define an extensive set of roles, and re-think how to get things done. They have to conform to their IGA’s way of doing things before they can move forward.

Every organization is unique.  Some will fit the standard IGA model, others won’t. Some can’t or don’t want to change their business processes to fit an IGA solution. The 80/20 rule and more importantly the 20/80 rule is very real in this market.  While IGA solutions are very good with 80% of requirements, the unique processes within most companies that do not fit neatly into the IGA solution, will consume 80% of their resources.

There are other challenging scenarios like centrally governed conglomerates with independently operated branches and rapid growth through M&A. Then there’s technical challenges such as a lack of connectors for your systems and home-grown custom processes that companies consider a business advantage. Whatever the case, if an off-the-shelf IGA doesn’t fit, a company will often fall back to inefficient manual provisioning and deprovisioning of identities; a costly and risky place to be. Many organizations are stuck and don’t know where to go with this.

Can the need for IGA be addressed with a different approach? Can the gaps between unique business processes and IGA software be managed more effectively?

Yes, with Identity Automation!

Identity Automation is all about automation of existing processes and systems. It’s a highly pragmatic approach where the mission is to automate, not renovate. The goal is to eliminate manual labour, streamline processes, and get it done quickly. For complex organizations where an off-the-shelf IGA doesn’t fit, Identity Automation is a tactical approach to eliminate workload, improve efficiency, reduce risk … and do it with existing processes. While IGA implementations will often take in excess of one year to implement, Identity Automation can be implemented in stages with real benefits realized in only the first few weeks. With Identity Automation, organizations realize many of the benefits of an IGA implementation while retaining their existing processes. 

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